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January 4, 2021

Do you manage an e-Boutique on Shopify, Prestashop, Magento or WooCommerce that is aimed at individuals?

‍Bythe end of 2023 , QuickBooks will no longer be available in France. If you currently manage your accounting on QuickBooks, think about migrating to another French accounting software such as Pennylaneor Odoo for example !

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Then you probably already know that since January 2018 you have to issue certified invoices. And to do this, you must use invoicing software that complies with the anti-fraud law. In addition, the data stored in your software must be unalterable, secure, retained and archived.

Why switch to QuickBooks?

QuickBooks is a certified compliant accounting software, which meets all the requirements of the law and fulfils the four conditions:

  • Unalterable: The initial information related to the sale of your products is unalterable and is recorded in your accounting records file (FEC). Thus, once issued, you cannot modify the information on your invoices. However, you can issue credit notes or replacement invoices if necessary.
  • Secure: QuickBooks guarantees optimal security with bank-level encryption of all your data. This data is perfectly protected when stored and transferred via the software.
  • Retention: Your data once closed is kept for a minimum of 6 years via QuickBooks.
  • Archived: Finally, with the QuickBooks closing feature you can archive all your accounting transactions directly online. This also allows you to access them at any time if needed.

In addition, if the administration requires it, you can print a certificate of compliance in a few clicks from your QuickBooks software.

Even more benefits with QuickBooks

If several eCommerce platforms integrate invoicing solutions, as adigital Certified Public Accountant we recommend that you switch to a more reliable and efficient external solution such as QuickBooks. Especially since QuickBooks will not only manage your invoicing.

Because QuickBooks allows you toautomate all your financial processes to get rid of your non-value added administrative tasks. You can register your supplier invoices directly via the QuickBooks application and follow your bank account by connecting the Dext application. This also allows you to perfectly control your cash flow.

QuickBooks can be connected to more than 750 applications allowing you to manage your stock to facilitate the management of your suppliers and purchases. You also have many dashboards to help you make the right decisions at the right time. In short, an easy and efficient business management.

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And to help you maximize the potential of QuickBooks, call on Blendy, QuickBooks' accounting expert for more than 15 years. Our teams will accompany you on a technical and accounting level. But also to advise you in your financing needs and your tax issues.

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