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Your tax deadlines for April 2023

April 11, 2023

Declarations, taxes, duties... here are the important deadlines and dates you need to keep in mind.

April 2023: Taxes.

To help you save time and efficiency in the management of your administrative tasks, at Blendy, your digital Chartered Accountant, we have listed for you the important dates and tax deadlines for this month of April.

Declarations, taxes, duties... here are the important deadlines and dates you need to keep in mind.

April 13

  • DEB / DES: submission of the DEB (declaration of exchange of goods) and the DES (declaration of exchange of services) for intra-Community transactions carried out in March.

April 17

  • Tax on salaries: salaries paid in March for monthly taxpayers (cerfa 2501)
  • Tax on insurance contracts: premiums issued, contracts concluded and sums due during the month of March (cerfa no. 2787 and payment to the Banque de France if > €1.5K)
  • Tax on digital services: payment of the balance of 2022 for taxpayers under the normal VAT regime or not subject to VAT and of the first installment in 2023 for taxpayers filing monthly VAT returns or not subject to VAT.
  • Withholding tax - flat-rate withholding tax: simplified declaration of income from movable assets, flat-rate withholding tax and social security withholding tax due at source if payment of distributed income, interest on current accounts, blocked shareholder accounts during the month of March (cerfa n° 2777)
  • Tax on certain advertising expenses: your turnover > 789 K€ and you have incurred advertising expenses to promote your products/services (Cerfa n° 3310-A annexed to the CA3 VAT return by the deadline for filing VAT returns)

April 30

  • ‍VAT- basic exemption: option to pay VAT from April 1 for companies benefiting from the basic exemption (Article 293 F of the CGI).

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April Taxation

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