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Video conferencing: Appearin becomes Whereby

May 19, 2021

Communicating easily via video with your clients, presenting a project to prospective clients or talking to your accountant online, you've all dreamed of it!

But when it's time for the meeting, we often realise that setting up a suitable solution is much less obvious! Connection problems, costly or time-consuming activation... there are many last-minute inconveniences you may encounter.

At Blendy, a Pennylane Certified Digital Accountant, we exchange with our clients through one of the easiest video conferencing tools on the market: Whereby (formerly becomes Whereby becomes Whereby
Brand name change is a collaborative solution that comes to us straight from Norway. Founded in 2014, the company has faced a long-standing dispute over the trade name.

That's why in 2020 it changed its name to Whereby.

A really simple and easy to use tool

No need to download any software or application. Simply create your user account on the Whereby website with your email address. No need to choose a username or password. Each time you log in to your account, the platform will automatically generate a random access code and send it to you by email.

Then you name your "video conference room" to create a link (a URL), which you can then share with your guests, to launch your first video conference. All in all it takes you less than 2 minutes!

Advanced features

The free version allows you to create one meeting room (i.e. 1 link or URL) for 4 participants. With the Pro version you can create up to 3 video conference rooms with up to 12 participants. And the Business version even allows you to customise the URL of the virtual rooms with your own company name.

Whereby has been specially designed for exchanges via computer and is accessible on the main browsers: Firefox, Chrome and Opera. It obviously integrates a secure connection (SSL encryption). Moreover, everything is managed in peer-to-peer without storage on Whereby's servers.

During your meeting you can talk to your guests using your computer's microphone and your webcam. You can also share your screen and send text messages. Everything you need for a successful meeting.

Now you understand why Blendy, digital accountant, has chosen this tool to communicate with its clients. Intuitive, easy to use, secure, what more could you ask for in a turnkey video conferencing solution.

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