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Dext makes it possible to have 100% digital accounting with zero paper

May 2, 2022

100% digital accounting that simplifies everything is right here with Dext and we are a certified partner.

Digital Accountants, we aim to remove 100% of your administrative tasks.

We therefore had to abolish the search, storage and transmission of your purchase invoices to your digital accountant.

Too much time was being wasted each month by our customers. The use of Dext has considerably reduced this waste of time thanks to the following three technologies A personalised Dext address for your suppliers to email their invoices directly to your digital accountant.

A Dext application that allows you to take photos of your expense reports from your smartphone. A Dropbox connection that allows Dext to automatically retrieve invoices added to your Dropbox folder every 6 hours.

And what's more, there will be no cost to you as Blendy by Cogesten, premium digital accountants, will pay the monthly subscription fee for Dext.

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Certified Partner Pennylane, Dext, Quickbooks and Stripe.

Pioneers of
digital accounting in France, we support digital digital SMEs and finance teams, in France and internationally in the.

Chartered Accountant (France) and Chartered Professional Accountant (Canada)

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