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Simply send your documents to your accountant with Dext

April 23, 2022

Dext the best invoice manager for your projects

Every month, you send your accounting documents to your accounting firm by post or by travelling: postal charges, loss of time, too long a delivery time, mail lost or travelling across France, forgetting one or more documents...

These problems will be solved thanks to DextThis is the first step, and not the least important one, in going digital.

Our customers have seen it all with postal mailings, fortunately digitalization is changing all that and Dext and is the spearhead of it!

What is Dext?

It is an OCR software, optical character recognition software. This means that it scans your receipts and invoices looking for the compulsory information (amount exclusive of tax and VAT), descriptions of purchases (products or services), dates and other information.

Dext studies our clients' invoices and integrates them directly into the accounting software set up for the client.

How to integrate your invoices into the tool?

With Dext, there are several ways to integrate your invoices:

1. Scan your documents and transmit them via your internet browser,

2. Take a picture of your parts via the application Dext

3. Give your address to your suppliers so that they can send their invoices as attachments directly to Dext ;

4. Connect your PayPal account and Dext will retrieve your statements.

Blendy will ensure the analysis and conformity of your documents, the setting of Dextand the correct accounting allocation and will transmit them to your QuickBooks.

Dext is a good way to start your transition to digital! You can get your employees and your entire company on board for the transition. This solution is efficient, has a lot of experience and expertise, and offers a simple collection solution that speeds up your company's bookkeeping.

QuickBooks which you can access at any time and in full transparency!

Responsiveness and transparency are therefore possible thanks to Dext, QuickBooks and Blendy.

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With Blendy, digital CPA, take advantage of all the benefits of digital accounting to speed up your finance process and grow your business.

Certified partner Pennylane, Dext, QuickBooks and Stripe.

We support digital companies, e-Commerce, ESN, SaaS, in France and internationally.

Chartered accountant (France) and Chartered Professional Accountant (Canada)

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