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Bookkeeping with Dext and Quickbooks

April 8, 2022

Quickbooks and Dext for simplified bookkeeping

Parts entry process with Quickbooks and Dext


1. You digitally transmit your documents to Dext either via their mobile application (for your expense receipts for example), via their website, by email or other partner link.

2. In 1 click the recovered data is integrated into Quickbooks. To make sure that the information has been correctly transmitted, we proceed to several verifications

      a. Date Control

       b. Control of the legal mentions

       c. Nature of the expense to allocate the expense to the correct account in the chart of accounts

       d. Account for the VAT, the VAT and then the VAT

       e. Charge to the correct supplier

3. Documents are automatically archived in your personal Quickbooks space

4. You can consult the status of your accounting and the figures in real time, with your dashboards and financial indicators.

You can even check your accounting at the beginning of each month.


Digital accounting not only saves you time, it saves you clarity, efficiency and agility.

At Blendy, we regularly discuss possible accounting and financial optimizations that meet your ambitions and your desire to innovate and change the world.

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Bookkeeping with Dext and Quickbooks

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