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Spendesk offers payment cards for your employees

With Spendesk, manage your employees' expenses in a masterly way

August 26, 2022

Managing your teams' expenses and purchases can easily become a headache. Between the abusive expenses of some employees, the missing receipts, the manual entries to trigger (finally) the reimbursements...

So, stop being subjected to your teams' expense management and (re)switch to "control" mode.

With SpendeskSpendesk, a French start-up founded in 2016, you will be able to take a breath! Spendesk allows companies to set up a simple and intuitive process to control, pay, track and analyze their employees' expenses thanks to :

  • smart payment cards
  • a mobile application
  • an online platform

Smart payment cards for your teams

The solution clearly distinguishes itself from other expense management solutions by allowing your employees to use a payment card (physical and/or virtual) to pay their expenses.

Your employees no longer have to pay for expenses out of their own pockets. They can pay for airfare, lodging, restaurants, cabs, etc. directly with this card, up to a limit that you will have determined in advance for each cardholder.

In the same way, for online expenses (participation in one-off events, for example) or the payment ofrecurring subscriptions (of the SaaS type), Spendesk will generate a virtual card credited with the amount of the purchase or capped by the amount of the subscription.

The solution goes as far as managing payments by bank transfer to, for example, pay a supplier's or a freelancer's invoice.

An application for autonomous management

Spendesk also provides your teams with a dedicated mobile application . It allows them to send their requests for advances and reimbursements and to follow their expenses in real time. The application also allows them tosave the correspondingreceipts and invoices via a simple photo, thus limiting the risks of lost receipts and facilitating the accounting management of expense reports.

And the application also gives them access to their virtual cards. So, if an expense has been accepted, the employee will find a card number on the app that they can then use for their online purchases or subscriptions.

An online platform for centralised monitoring

Thanks to its management platform, you can first create user accounts for each employee and define the various processes for validating expense requests. You then determine the budgets allocated to each employee or team. An intuitive dashboard allows you to visualize and follow in real time the purchases and expenses of each user.

The platform also allows you to create virtual cards and determine their limits and longevity. In addition, when a card expires, you are automatically notified.

Spendesk ensures that your finance teams have full visibility and traceability, and can therefore manage their business expenses more effectively.

Easier and lighter accounting

In addition to retrieving receipts, invoices and other receipts recorded by your employees via the mobile application, Spendesk also automatically categorizes card payments (physical or virtual) by type and by team.

To takeautomation even further, you can link Spendesk directly with your accounting software, such as Pennylane, QuickBooks or Xero. You no longer have to enter invoices and VAT manually. The recovery in your accounting of all the operations, payments and documents will be done automatically.

Blendy, a Pennylane-certified digital accountant, already assists many of its clients in this integration process, in order to guarantee a seamless recovery and reconciliation of your accounting elements.

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