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The two companions Quickbooks and Prestashop

Quickbooks x Prestashop the perfect alliance

May 5, 2022

You want to automate the billing of your Prestashop online store? This integration with QuickBooks is for you!

You are already working with PrestaShop, a turnkey e-commerce solution for the management of your online store.

Did you know that by connecting PrestaShop and QuickBooks you will be able to boost your e-commerce while saving time on a daily basis?

Streamline your time

Today, you have to extract an Excel file and send it to your accountant so that he can integrate it into his software, all this so that your invoices can be correctly accounted for.

Quickbooks is an accounting management software for SMEs. Its integration with PrestaShop allows you to automatically transfer sales data (sales invoices, payment information) into your accounting system.

No more Excel file transfers with your digital accountant!

Integration in a few steps

It's very simple. You just have to integrate the module (add-ons) of QuickBooks to your online shop PrestaShop. This allows you toautomate your sales management in no time.

* Invoicing:
You automatically generate your purchase orders, invoices, credit notes and refunds on QuickBooks for each order placed on your e-shop.

You update in real time your products, stocks and prices added on PrestaShop with your QuickBooks data and vice versa.

You automatically create a customer account on QuickBooks for each new customer registered on your e-commerce.

You pass on VAT, payment methods and delivery costs simultaneously to QuickBooks and PrestaShop.

Optimise your processes

With Blendy certified digital accountant QuickBooks, the recovery of your transactions is done automatically in your accounting. There is no more gap to fill between your Prestashop and your CPA's reports.
Finally, you can follow in real time the flows of your Prestashop online store on your QuickBooks software as well as the processing of your accounting.

By connecting these two intelligent solutions, you can ensure that your business and accounting data is always up-to-date and synchronised in real time.

In addition, by eliminating manual entry and automating your sales processes, you also eliminate the risk of errors or duplicate entries.

  • Complete and accurate integration: Provides complete and accurate export of customers, products and orders for simplified management.
  • Save time, increase speed: This reduces the time spent transferring items to your QuickBooks accountant.

In the end, you save precious time on a daily basis and have real-time visibility on your business.

Not convinced yet? At Blendy, our e-Commerce customers have already implemented this sales booster. We have systematically helped them to set up their systems and documents. And the results are there!

If you want to check, call uswe'll tell you everything you need to know to take advantage of these benefits.

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