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Quickbooks & GoCardless unpaid bills... finally managed in 4 steps

October 4, 2022

Speed up your cash management with GoCardless and QuickBooks

GoCardless is a bank-to-bank payment solution that makes it super easy to manage your customers' direct debit payments. Connected to QuickBooks, the first accounting software for SMEs and entrepreneurs, you save precious time to manage, account and track all your payments.

4 steps to speed up your payment management

GoCardless has a direct integration that allows you to use it from QuickBooks Online. So the connection between these two apps is very easy. Here are the 4 steps to follow:

1/ Connect your customer to GoCardless

Choose a client and send a link to connect to them at GoCardless from your account QuickBooks.

Your customer then enters his bank details online in complete security, authorizing you to take payments by direct debit from his bank account. The advantage? They only have to do this once and will not have to re-enter their details afterwards.

2/ Send your invoice

Then, simply send your customer an invoice generated through your QuickBooks as you normally do. GoCardless will schedule the payment according to the due dates you have agreed upon with your customer.

3/ Get paid without intervening

On the due date, GoCardless will automatically deduct the amount due directly from your customer's bank account. Neither you nor your customer has to intervene. Everything is done automatically. Your customer will also receive a notification from GoCardless about the upcoming debit.

4/ Automatic reconciliation in QuickBooks

Once collected, the payment is automatically processed and deposited directly into your bank account. QuickBooks on its part will reconcile, again automatically, the payment and associated fees. All your online accountant has to do is verify that everything has been recovered correctly and you're done.

You get the idea! Connecting GoCardless to QuickBooks eliminates many hours of tedious and non-value added work while limiting the risk of manual input errors. And this time thus saved you can use it to develop your activity more serenely!

If you need help, our teams can help you set up these two apps and automate your financial process!

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