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Quickbooks and Dext, the perfect combo for accounting digitalisation

April 21, 2022

Quickbooks + Dext, the perfect combo to start digitising your accounting.

A little history

As a chartered accountant and the first French partner of Quickbooks France and Dext (formerly Receipt Bank), we have built today's digital accounting.

Our firm has worked with Quickbooks to integrate new features into their software, invoice integration, cash management, easier data entry and many other ideas that have improved their software.

On the other hand, with Dext, we have tested the integration of invoices by software, the automatic transmission of information from a paper to your accounting, and we have seen improvements in the financial health of our clients, better accounting data, more up-to-date information, less manual entries.

Their OCR has improved over the years and more and more experts (we are still the best) have started using Dext (Receipt Bank).

Overall, their tools have been greatly developed and our bookkeeping has been optimised, leaving us more time to focus on our client, our team and to create new offerings to focus on your growth objectives.

Don't know how to start your accounting digitisation?

3 points to start with:

1/ Transparent and real-time accounting with QuickBooks and Dext!

The first big change in digital is to allow our customers to viewtheir company's financial data regularly and well in advance of 30 April of the following year.

This can be done at any time and in any medium .

Also, we have set up monthly closings (short-closing) to facilitate bookkeeping, provide you with up-to-date data on your purchase invoices integrated into the software, detect missing payments, take stock of the accounting documents and your expenses for the month.

Similarly, you no longer need to contact your accountant to find out the balance of your current account, thanks to QuickBooks and Dext you can obtain an answer to this question at any time, this service is provided free of charge by our tools and your use is not limited in time.

You gain transparency and the configuration of your tools is managed by our team. Of course, you can create your own reports in one click.

Your entire decision-making process is strengthened!

2/ No more lost paper or postal delays!

No more lost or double-sent accounting documents.

After setting up the parameters and with our help, Dext retrieves your suppliers' invoices and prevents identical invoices from being sent.

It's simple: we only process what's in Dext and you don't have to send anything else.

Dext's OCR processes each invoice efficiently and automatically detects each number on the purchase invoice (date, supplier, amount, VAT, excluding VAT). All that remains is to integrate it into the Quickbooks software.

No more hand-holding, more efficiency.

3/ Strengthening presence and advice

By automating your accounting management, you and your preferred firm(Blendy By Cogesten) will save time.

This allows us to spend more time (i) analysing QuickBooks reports and (ii) finding the best solution for a potential late customer payment or improving your cash flow for example!

In addition, the increased use of web-meeting solutions strengthens our presence at your side on a daily basis.

Want to know more about our services, our support and our favorite apps? Ask us all your questions!

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