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What are the 5 selection criteria to adopt digital accounting management for your business? 5/5

March 28, 2022

After the other four, the only one that was missing and is not digital is the human.

Criterion 5: People

The relationship with your traditional and digital accountant can change dramatically, you will potentially change the way you work and the frequency of your exchanges will undoubtedly increase.


So a person with a similar temperament to yours will be more sensitive to your needs and will listen to you.

In addition, you need to feel comfortable with your accountant to give him or her early indications of your strategy and to share your doubts about the business and the figures so that he or she can refine his or her work beforehand and facilitate your work on the ground.


For example: a takeover is on the horizon, you inform your accountant and he or she will do everything possible to put forward the creation of your balance sheet and will offer you services that will facilitate your preparation for the takeover.


There are many other situations that impact on your strategy and talking about them in advance will save you time and expense of urgent requests.


And finally, it is better to have a firm that is available by phone and e-mail and always courteous, rather than one that is unreachable and unpleasant.


Don't forget that you will still have to give your accounting documents every month... but this time it will be digital and that will save you from a spat at the end of the year.

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