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What are the 5 selection criteria to adopt digital accounting management for your company? 4/5

March 8, 2022

The specialisation of a firm can be multiple, it can have 1, 2 or 3 specialities. Beyond that, it is considered that the accounting differences are too significant to be truly expert.

Criterion 4: Specialisation

The same goes for a firm that specialises in several very distinct sectors, for example, agricultural farms, steel mills and NSEs, these three sectors have nothing to do with each other and the differences in accounting are enormous when it comes to accounting for an industry or a service.


So the question is how do you find a firm that specialises in your field?


It's easy, just type "accountant (your sector)" into your favourite search engine.


Then comes the analysis stage to check if the accountant is really an expert in your field:


If they don't have a website, call them and ask if they have any clients who can recommend them and others who have had a bad experience.


If they have a website, check that it has the right applications for your business, that it has a blog and that it addresses issues that could be yours.

Continue by requesting a telephone or video appointment and see how they handle your needs.


Beware: sometimes a firm will not talk about its clients' problems and how to solve them in order to remain a leader in its sector.



Now that you know how to find an accountancy firm specialising in your sector, what's in it for you?


Taking on a firm specialised in your sector will allow you to obtain better services, a speedy execution of your requests, an improvement in your operationality, and sometimes the specialised firm will even be able to prevent problems inherent to your sector (in a few cases).



For our part, we specialise in digital companies, which includes, but is not limited to, ESNs, software publishers, networking platforms, etc. We also specialise in setting up companies in France that come from abroad.

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