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What are the 5 selection criteria to adopt digital accounting management for your company? 3/5

February 14, 2022

Services are a significant part of the price and must go hand in hand with your business management and expansion strategy.

Criterion 3: Services

What services do you need to maximise the potential of your business?

Some answers...

Services are a significant part of the price and must go hand in hand with your business management and expansion strategy.

If you are not planning to expand your business and just want to continue to deliver your solutions/products to your customers, a simple accounting service with a few basic services is more than enough.

However, if you want to develop or expand your business internationally, services will be very important in your decision to go digital for your business accounting.

A cash flow enhancement service prior to a fundraising event can enable you to succeed where others would have stopped. A business that works over time does so because of all its support services that not only support but also propel it.

A sports car without a good chassis will always be inferior to the competition.

The different parts of a company's support are your chassis, they support, sustain and propel your company to where your strategy will take the company.

If you want to expand and grow your business, you will need more personalised services such as cash flow forecasts, credit estimates, etc.

For example, if you decide to expand, either nationally or internationally, ask whether you want or need to have consolidated accounting for several countries in a single tool or whether you prefer to have separate accounts to specifically address each country (both types of accounting are equally interesting, only your strategy should define your priority).

In both cases you need to know whether such a multi-site or multi-country accounting service exists and how it is practiced.

Another type of service that should interest you is personal wealth, of course you will tell me that this is not related to digital accounting, but in fact it is very much so.

Digital accounting provides real-time data on the company's situation, so your accountant can tell you that this month you can increase your salary without putting your company at risk.

Finally, if you don't want to grow nicely but to propel your business into other spheres, then you will need even more responsive and specific services, then you will need preparation of accounts for fund raising, loans etc. This is also when the inspectors come in, you will also need an impeccable accounting service from the accountants invested, the chartered accountant or your privileged interlocutor will become like a member of your co-directors. He will be there to support you in all your strategies and will have to accompany you in all the stages of your destiny to change the world.

To sum up, there are hundreds of services that can only be made possible by digitising your accounting, it's up to you to decide whether you need them or not.

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