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Simplest pleo application and linked with Quickbooks

Pleo and QuickBooks a step closer to accounting automation

April 25, 2022

Pleo is not a bank, it's a bank card... !

As a CPA, we are always looking for ways to make your life easier!

Pleo is one of them! Have you always dreamed of giving your employees bank cards so that they can freely make expenses without having to pay in advance?

Or maybe you're just looking for an easier way to reconcile your bank account with your corporate accounting?

Or get a better idea of the state of your cash flow or your bank account?

Pleo does it for you! And for less than 5 credit cards it's free!

Not bad for a company that is not a bank! We take a closer look at this.

How does it work?

Pleo is not a bank. So your accounts remain with your traditional bank. However, most banks do not have integration with accounting software such as QuickBooks, Pennylane or Sage. Moreover, banking software is often basic and not very "connected" to the real needs of entrepreneurs!

To make up for this lack, you can use solutions such as Pleo.

Connected to your accounting software Quickbooks or others, Pleo saves you time in accounting and expense management. For each payment by you or your collaborators, the app Pleo will offer them to take a picture of the receipt to allow the reconciliation between the payment and the associated invoice. And you already save at least 3 hours per week that you can dedicate to other more productive tasks.

As QuickBooks and digital accounting experts, we know that banking is very complex to keep track of for most businesses. The solution Pleo solution combines easy accounting, reachable support and advanced features.

For Blendy, digital accountant, managing VAT via Pleoallows us to accelerate your accounting and to update your accounts more quickly, even in real time.

Pleo and QuickBooksPleo QuickBooks is the perfect combination to digitize and automate your financial processes.

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The Pleo application recommended by Blendy certified digital accountant QuickBooks

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