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Pannylane, alternative to QuickBooks recommended by Blendy

What are the alternatives to QuickBooks?

December 12, 2022

QuickBooks will withdraw from the French market by the end of 2023... What alternatives to QuickBooks exist? Here is a first overview of alternative solutions recommended by Blendy, your digital accountant

What are the alternatives for QuickBooks users? 

It is with great regret that we announce that QuickBooks, leader in accounting and invoicing software for small and medium-sized businesses, and partner Blendy for many years, will leave the French market at the end of 2023.

The news was confirmed in early December 2022 in an official statement from Intuit, parent company of QuickBooks.

Don't panic, we have made a selection of our favorite apps.

Why is QuickBooks leaving the French territory?

QuickBookswhich has been operating in France since 2014, has decided to stop its activities in France. This strategic reorientation also follows the acquisition by Intuit of MailChimp, a behemoth of emailing solutions. The American group has thus decided to refocus its operations on other activities. 

While many of its competitors must have been delighted by the news, QuickBooks ' corporate customers are much less serene.

However, there are many alternatives to QuickBooks on the market that are just as powerful and also allow you to connect your different business applications, such as Shopify, Stripe, PayPal or others.

Popular options include Pennylane, Ipaidthat and Odoo. These alternatives to QuickBooks offer many of the same features as QuickBooks, such as billing, expense tracking and financial reporting. But they may also have different pricing plans and unique features that set them apart.

It is important to compare the different options before making a decision.

Here are some alternative solutions to QuickBooks with which we already work:


Pennylane, the challenger made in France

Pennylane is among the best alternatives to replace QuickBooks!


Founded in 2020, the French Tech startup brings together accounting software and financial management tools for businesses, all on one platform. Pennylane offers a complete management software that also includes purchasing, sales and cash management.


The automated data entry and retrieval processes offered by the Pennylane platform streamline the financial process and guarantee optimal efficiency and precious time savings for everyone!

 Recently, this SaaS solution for very small businesses and accounting firms also launched a payment service integrated directly into the accounting system. 


Like QuickBooks, Pennylane connects your digital accounting and finance process to your business apps like Stripe, Dext, Shopify and more.


We have already assisted several of our clients in setting up Pennylane. Given our perfect knowledge of QuickBooks and Pennylane, our teams will also be able to accompany you during the migration from one system to the other.


Ipaidthat, the solution for freelancers and independent contractors

Ipaidthat is a French B2B software editor based in Rennes that was created in 2017. It is primarily an invoicing tool dedicated to VSEs and independent contractors who want to manage their accounting themselves.

Thanks to AI, iPaidThat automatically collects invoices from any source, reconciles them with your bank transactions and forwards them to your accountant. In accounting jargon we call this a "pre-accounting" tool.

This ensures a reliable collection of your accounting data and reduces errors due to manual entry.

Ipaidthat also integrates a tool for cash flow, expense reports, billing and payment. Ipaidthat can synchronize with Stripe, Qonto or PayPal for the reconciliation of your banking transactions, but also with Slack and other business apps.


Odoo, a customized ERP

Created in 2004 by a team of passionate people in Belgium, Odoo is an open source business management software that gives access to a large ecosystem of tools for business management.

Odoo is one of the most scalable ERPs thanks to its native applications that meet all the needs of a company, from customer relationship management to the creation of websites and e-commerce, including production, inventory management, accounting....

It allows you to centralize information while automating the management processes of the company and the customer relationship.

Odoo Odoo's mission is to provide companies of all sizes and sectors with a professional and easy-to-use solution for all its users. Their customers include major corporations such as WWF, Danone, Hyundai, La Poste, Toyota, Jamba Juice, etc.

Here are three alternatives to Quickbooks, even if we are aware that there are many more. Over the next few months, we'll be adding to this list with other accounting and financial software that can automate your financial processes and connect your various business apps for reliable and sustainable management of your business.

So, if you are already working with QuickBooks and are looking for an alternative, call us ! We advise you to make the best choice and accompany you throughout the process to migrate your accounting and financial data to the new system of your choice and connect your business apps.


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