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Forget your bad payers and give your cash flow a boost

July 13, 2021

Now is the time to reduce the risks to your cash flow and get things back on track without getting your hair mussed.

As an entrepreneur and business owner you know this. There is nothing more stressful than a bad payer.

It hurts your cash flow and can, in the worst case scenario, put the future of your business in question. And that's not counting the extra time you have to spend collecting unpaid invoices, all without any assurance of getting paid in the end.

Now is the time to reduce the risks to your cash flow and get things back on track without getting your hair mussed.

Today, QuickBooks is partnering with Legalcity

Legalcity offers small and medium-sized businesses simple, fast and cost-effective online debt collection solutions. Thus, by connecting Legalcity to QuickBooks, you take back the power over your cash flow. By entrusting the collection of your debts to Legalcity, you save precious time on your administrative management. Thus, you can better control your risks and find (finally) more serenity in the management of your daily activity.

Quick and easy

For a collection to be effective, you must be able to react quickly. The earlier the unpaid amount is managed, the higher the chances of recovering the sums due.

Now by going through QuickBooks you can take immediate action. From your QuickBooks account, simply select the unpaid invoices that are a problem. Then, with a simple click on "start collection request", you entrust your bad payers to Legalcity. The whole process is then immediately taken care of by a dedicated advisor within Legalcity's teams specialized in amicable collection. No data entry is necessary on your side.

Friendly and courteous

Legalcity will then manage all the necessary reminders for you, whether by telephone, email, SMS, mail or even a formal notice by registered letter. And the progress of your various collection files can be monitored directly via the Legalcity platform.

And beyond a commitment to efficiency, Legalcity guarantees that you will always favor " amicable " collections. This in order to preserve as much as possible the commercial relationship you have with your clients.

Cost-effective and risk-free

Finally, as a QuickBooks user you benefit from preferential rates with Legalcity, starting with free management fees. You also benefit from the lowest commission on the market (9%), with no minimum fee. This applies regardless of the number of collection files initiated. In short, you reduce the risk and only pay for success.

So don't wait any longer to take control of your unpaid bills and get rid of your bad payers. To find out how to set up everything in QuickBooks, ask our teams!

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