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Get your free Kbis extract in a few clicks!

February 17, 2021

Until now obtaining a Kbis extract was not free. Since October 2019, you can obtain your Kbis extract for free in a few clicks.

What is the Kbis extract?

TheKbis extract is an official document issued by the Registry of the Commercial Court. This document certifies the legal existence of your company and its registration in the Trade and Companies Register (RCS) following its creation.

It includes:

  • the name of the registry office
  • information about your company (legal form, share capital, company name, directors, address, business name, etc.)
  • the SIREN number
  • the SIRET number
  • the APE code

This "identity card" of your company is generally requested when opening a professional bank account, to answer calls for tender or by your accountant. For example, when you want to become a client of Blendy, a Pennylane certified digital accountant, we will ask you to provide us with this document to start the procedure.

The Kbis is finally free!

Until now, obtaining a Kbis extract was unfortunately not free, even if the cost was rather reasonable (less than 4€). However, as a Kbis extract is only valid for 3 months, you were often obliged to take steps several times a year at the Registry...

But that was before!
Since October 2019, you can obtain a free Kbis less than three months old of a company of which you are the legal representative in a few clicks.

Indeed, following the PACTE law, the Registry has set up a secure online portal: MonIdenum

This platform aims to simplify the life of business owners by facilitating the procedures with the Registry. Today, companies registered with the RCS, RSAC or RSEIRL can obtain their Kbis free of charge and unlimited on the MonIdenum website.

From now on, to obtain your Kbis extract, all you have to do is register on the portal by providing a copy of your identity card or passport, the name of your company, your email and your telephone number. The system will then automatically reconcile this information with the RCS records. Your account is validated immediately and a unique authentication key is generated.

Then, you simply connect to your dedicated space with this key and download your Kbis via the"Kbis & Performances" tab. It's as easy and quick as that!

This will make life easier for companies registered with the RCS.

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