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Why an English-speaking accountant for your subsidiary in France?

May 20, 2022

Your parent company is English-speaking or located abroad and you need advice to develop the French entity?

Blendy, French & English-speaking CPA

Your company wants to expand into the French market? Il may sounds simple, but French accounting rules differ from english or americain accounting rules. So how do you apply the right rules for the financial management of your French subsidiary and how do you correctly consolidate your accounts with those of your parent company located in the USA, Canada, the UK or elsewhere in the world?

With Blendy, French accounting firm, you benefit from the expertise ofinternational and bilingualteams, experienced in supporting foreign companies aiming to establish and expand in the French market. Moreover, the co-founder of Blendy, Noham Layani, is a double-hatted chartered accountant in France and CPA in Canada.

Our international accounting and financial services

We help you to align your business objectives with French accounting and tax rules. And we are also there to help you consolidate your accounts with your parent company abroad. The whole process is painless for you and allows you to stay focused on the business development of your French subsidiary.

With Blendy your digital accountig firm, fluent in English, you'll benefit from:

  • A complete range of value added services adapted to your business goals
  • An experienced team of CPAs and accountants, fluent in English
  • Monthly meetings with the expert dedicated to your company who closely follows your KPIs

Why collaborate with Blendy?

Moreover, thanks to our approach based on the digitalization and automation of your financial processes, you have at any time access to your essential financial KPI via your connected applications (PennylaneQuickbooks, Xero, Odoo, Stripe, Dext...). This also allows us to prepare your data to be correctly consolidated with those of your head office.

We have successfully accompanied several English and Canadian companies to develop their French entities. And we have also helped French companies to expand their business across the world. Our perfect knowledge of all major business and finance apps, makes us a partner of choice to support international companies in their growth objectives in France and abroad.

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With Blendy, digital CPA, take advantage of all the benefits of digital accounting to speed up your finance process and grow your business.

Certified partner Pennylane, Dext, QuickBooks and Stripe.

We support digital companies, e-Commerce, ESN, SaaS, in France and internationally.

Chartered accountant (France) and Chartered Professional Accountant (Canada)

Blendy, French & English-speaking CPA, supports international companies

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