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Tired of connecting to each of your suppliers' websites to retrieve your invoices?

June 16, 2021

A significant loss of time for your online accounting every month. Indeed, you have to connect to each site to download each of your invoices...

More and more suppliers are offering you invoices in dematerialised format.

This often means that you have to log on to your space to retrieve your documents. This is a major waste of time when it comes to doing your accounting online every month. Indeed, you have to connect to each site to download each of your invoices...

Between Uber, Sfr, Free, Amazon, La Poste, Edf, 1&1, Heroku, Google or Dropbox, etc., this represents a considerable waste of time.

This is all the more difficult for those who do not remember their passwords!

Digiposte is an application offered by La Poste. This platform allows you to centralise and retrieve your invoices automatically. Indeed, Digiposte connects itself to your supplier account and imports the invoice on its interface. This process is repeated for each of your suppliers.

Other solutions are offered by this application such as the retrieval of bank statements, social security contribution slips or the storage of pay slips.

And now all your invoices are in one place!

At Blendy by Cogesten, Expert-comptable en ligne, we help many startups, eCommerce and international SMEs in the implementation of the application. Just ask us! Because there are many more applications to help you save time every day.

BbyC, #ExpertsComptables3.0, Expert-comptable en ligne, helps you to optimise the management of your business with intelligent automation solutions.

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