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Libeo combined with QuickBooks the winning duo recommended by Blendy digital accountant

Libeo & QuickBooks: the winning duo to manage your supplier invoices

September 12, 2022

Gain visibility on your supplier payments and optimize your cash management by connecting Libeo to QuickBooks

Libeo is a French start-up, created in January 2019, which offers a platform for managing and paying your supplier invoices. Combined with QuickBooksLibeo QuickBooks, the leader in management and accounting software, you will finally gain time and control over your cash management.

Pay your suppliers with Libeo in 1 click

Simply retrieve your supplier invoices that you have posted in QuickBooks. No need to re-enter your invoices. Libeo' s retrieval is easy thanks to a bulk upload or via email. Libeo will read the invoices to automatically retrieve important information such as the supplier's identity and the VAT.

Then, you pay your bills via Libeo which interfaces with your bank or with Dext for example.

Here again, no need to manually re-enter information. You pay in one click, without entering an IBAN, simply with the email of your supplier.

You can of course schedule payment deadlines, send notification and track paymenthistory.

Post your payments in QuickBooks automatically

QuickBooks will then automatically reflect the payments in your accounting. This way, you keep control of the validation of your payments. QuickBooks and Blendy, your QuickBooks certified digital accountant , take care of retrieving, reconciling and validating the information.

In the end, your accounting and your cash flow are updated without any intervention on your part and reflect your exact situation in real time.

At Blendy , our goal is to facilitate the life of the business owner and to save time by automating administrative tasks without added value. With Libeo and QuickBooks it's done! You avoid useless manual data entry and take back control of your financial profitability.

Want to know more? Book a call and talk to our teams. They will tell you how to proceed and which other apps can be interfaced with QuickBooks to save you more time and efficiency.

Boost growth and consolidate the profitability of your business today!

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