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Legal Affairs at Blendy

November 24, 2021

Blendy / Alex = your accounting up to date and your GA's executed as always, 100% Online.

At Blendy we use the best tools available on the market to accomplish the legal missions you entrust to us, such as the creation or transformation of your legal entity, tax optimisation, etc.

With Blendy / Alex you can be sure that you are compliant and your company is prepared for your future needs.

Together with Alex, our Legal Aassociate, we can help you in all legal matters throughout the life of your company. Please contact us for more information.

Because poorly kept legal documentation can cause problems for entrepreneurs, through the Blendy / Alex Legal collaboration you can be sure of constant legal follow-up andupdates.

Blendy the accountant of tomorrow, today.

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Certified Partner Pennylane, Dext, Quickbooks and Stripe.

Pioneers of
digital accounting in France, we support digital digital SMEs and finance teams, in France and internationally in the.

Chartered Accountant (France) and Chartered Professional Accountant (Canada)

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