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Integromat the challenger of Zapier

February 10, 2022

Integromat-Make, the rising competitor of Zapier! It comes from the Czech Republic and has been around for over 6 years...

Integromat- Make is more than 1000 integrations between applications that allow workflow automation impacting your productivity and growth.

Their particularities:

  • Each piece of information is detailed to the maximum to give you the greatest transparency on your integrations. You can find out when your automation was triggered, what data was processed and where the data was sent to.
  • You can see in real time the execution of the automations / integrations you have set up.

Create functions :

You can create functions to modify dates, play with numbers, make text aggregates etc.

Start with the past:

You can start an automation by taking data that does not come from a "trigger".

Router :

Directing a flow to 2 different destinations and with 2 different actions with the same automation? Well, yes, it is possible and it is done by Integromat.

Router Error:

If you could predict an error that could appear by putting a deviation, again science fiction? It is possible and it is at Integromat - Make.

Connects to everything:

With HTTP, JSON, XML extensions Integromat-Make connects to everything.

With all these particularities we could not miss such a tool, and so after having tested it ourselves, we confirm, it works perfectly.

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