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complicated expense reports

Simplified expense management

March 31, 2022

Managing expense reports is often a problem in companies, until now!

For managers, sales people and executives, preparing expense reports takes time, a lot of time, and the costs associated with the time it takes to process business expenses are not insignificant.

It is complicated to put in place a process that facilitates the handling of all these small tickets.

Very often, companies try to automate it by setting up Excel files with a few calculation formulas.

However, it is still tedious...

The most efficient solution on the market

Dext takes you to the next level of automation and changes your life!

This application can be accessed from the Internet or via your smartphone. Once installed, all you have to do is scan (computer) or take a simple photo (smartphone) of your expense report via the Dext app, which will automatically transfer your documents to your Blendy accountant.

At the time of your monthly closing, Blendy analyses the expense reports, ensures that they are fiscally compliant and that they are correctly charged to the accounts.
We then generate expense reports summarising your expenses.
All you have to do is get them approved.

If necessary, they are transferred directly to your QuickBooks.

Connected to your accounting system, Dext allows you to retrieve transmitted documents directly in QuickBooks.

There is full transparency and traceability.

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