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Make it easy to manage your business with Quickbooks reports!

July 5, 2021

With Quickbooks and BbyC's short closing, you will be able to access all your financial data in real time (and it will be up to date!).

It is difficult for a business owner to run his or her business without up-to-date accounting and financial information. In the past, you would have to ask your accountant for the monthly documents you wanted every time. With Quickbooks and BbyC's short closing, you can access all your financial data in real time (and it will be up to date!).

To optimise your management, Quickbooks provides you with various documents (reports) that allow you to follow the evolution of your company. For example, a profit and loss account, the volume of business per customer, unpaid supplier invoices, etc.

The process for consulting them is very simple:

  • Generate the desired report once:
  • Profit and loss account
  • Overdue customer or supplier invoices (ageing balance available)
  • Etc.
  • Customise your report: dates, columns, filters, and other options
  • Save your custom report and give it a name
  • Find your report in the "My custom reports" list and click on "Edit".

You can now program an automatic emailing of this report: frequency, start and end date of the automatic sending program, email address(es), and possibility to attach the report in Excel format

The short closing offered by BbyC, tools such as Receipt-Bank and Quickbooks are a real competitive advantage for business leaders.

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