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Experts-Comptables Make formerly integromat in 2022

April 4, 2022

Formerly Integromat, Make takes all the codes of its predecessor and goes even further. Discover the future of integrations.

Integromat is at the end of its life, Make 6 major changes are involved in this renewal which is much more than a rebrand, we review them all!


1. Templates: now you can share templates directly with each other and with your community with a link.

2. Searching: Searching is much more intuitive on Make than on Integromat, you can directly search for the app you need and it appears immediately.

3. Scenarios and logs: huge effort on the simplicity of use and the transparency of the operation of the connectors with boxes to fill in for the scenarios and very precise logs, with a search bar to find specific actions (add or error...) of what happens during the activation of your scenarios, which facilitates the discovery of bugs and the comprehension of the non-functioning of certain scenarios (those who have done it will understand)

4. Parallel webhook: Now you can run the triggers called webhook in parallel in Make and Integromat, which will make your automation runs smoother and faster because there is no longer a queue.

5. Teams: It is now possible to create groups for the different teams and manage their access and modification rights for certain automations

6. API: You can now use Make via their API and allow Make to be integrated into your company's business application, endless possibilities.


One last thing, to migrate your data, nothing could be simpler, you go to migrate.make. com or you use the service set up automatically by Make.

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