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QuickBooks + Blendy = Love story

August 1, 2022

As a digital accountant we have been using QuickBooks for over 20 years now.

And we have tested all the versions of this SaaS software, whether American or French, and even Canadian.

So, if after all this time we are still on it, it's a Real Love Story.

What is QuickBooks?

QuickBooks is a SaaS accounting software that allows companies that are very advanced in their financial process or even have an internal accountant to do most of their accounting. The software includes many features and automations that allow to optimize the financial management of the company.

The application QuickBooks application also allows digital accountants like Blendy to accelerate bookkeeping to generate indicators in real time and better support the company and its manager in their daily decision-making.

Why QuickBooks?

When QuickBooks was established in France, there were only 2 tools in SaaS for the whole world and only 1 in France: QuickBooks

Since then, we have built relationships, improved QuickBooks together and today more than 70% of our customers use it to accelerate their financial processes.

Is it complicated?

Yes, ... and no!

Overall, it is not the software that is complicated because it is rather intuitive and easy to use. It is the accounting itself that is more difficult to understand. Indeed, French accounting has many specificities, especially for digital companies.

Our many years of experience and know-how allow us to master the many features QuickBooks offers and to find new ways to use them.

What is our favorite feature?

What we love about QuickBooks is that we can also do cost accounting directly in the app and thus satisfy our most demanding customers at a fraction of the cost of the tool's power!

Conclusion: If you are a digital business looking to accelerate your development and take full advantage of your financial indicators, Blendy certified digital accountant QuickBooks is the firm for you and QuickBooks will most certainly be your tool!

To learn more about QuickBooks features: https: //

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