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Accountant Qonto in 2022

April 15, 2022

Finally, a bank that understands the challenges of professionals and accounting firms...

Qonto and your (digital) accountant

In addition to providing you with traditional bank-like services at a fraction of the cost, Qonto allows you to prepare your accounting documents directly from its application and allows your digital accountant to focus on validating your accounts.

Qonto's offers

The offers of Qonto offers are diverse, comprehensive and designed for all types of businesses:

  • Offerbusiness creators with capital deposit for any type of company at an annual cost largely aligned with the services and features offered.
  • Offer for freelancers that goes from the essential functionalities to pilot your business to the most detailed management and an accompaniment adapted to your situation thanks to the priority support.
  • Startups / VSE / SME offer (the one we prefer at Blendy) includes the essentials for managing your business online and integrated with the SaaS accounting software of your accountant (such as Pennylane or QuickBooks).

Banking services that facilitate bank reconciliation

In accounting, the bank reconciliation is an essential action that consists in assigning to each transaction the corresponding receipts. Generally, this action is performed by your accountant or chartered accountant. He/she makes sure that all payments and receipts have a receipt or an associated invoice to balance your accounts.

With Qonto, receipts and vouchers are scanned directly from the application and automatically transmitted to your accounting software such as Pennylane or QuickBooks.

The advantage : Less paperwork for you and a digital backup of your invoices.

And, if you have several employees, each of them will be able to come and integrate their receipt for all payments made with their Qonto card.

and communication with your accountant

With Qonto you can give your digital accountant access to the information. He can access all information and view and download your bank transactions and related documents.

This saves you from having to send him your documents by email or mail, saving you precious time. And on his side, your accountant can easily check that the bank reconciliation has been done correctly and make corrective entries if necessary.

Collecting and receiving your receipts by email? No problem, you can forward it to the Qonto email address dedicated to your account and hey presto... The receipt is sent to Qonto which associates the receipt to the right transaction. This service is "offered" in most of the service packages and in all packages for Startups / VSEs / SMEs.

Other important benefits

VAT : The Qonto application will automatically detect the VAT of the payments your company has made with the Qonto digital or physical bank cards.

Compliance : Receipts and vouchers scanned from the application are certified and have the same legal value as the originals.

In brief

As aCertified Public Accountant Qontoaccountant, we train managers and finance teams in the use of the Qontoapplication, and help them optimize role management, receipt integration and transfer of invoices associated with payments. In addition, we help you connect your other business apps to increase your growth and accelerate your finance process.

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