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April 12, 2022

Are you managing stocks and not using erplain? You are wasting valuable time and missing out on KPIs that your erplain accountant could give you.

Do you manage stocks and do not use erplain yet?

You are wasting precious time and missing out on KPIs that your accountant erplain could give you.

Inventory and sales management software dedicated to businesses and eCommerce of all sizes.

erplain is a made in France solution for online commercial management (stocks) with multiple functionalities that allows the automation of the creation of quotes, orders and invoices while updating stocks in real time.

This solution adapts to all activities involving inventory management, regardless of your transaction system, whether real or online. erplain integrates with most partner sites such as Shopify.

From very small businesses to large groups, including start-ups and SMEs, all entrepreneurs can benefit.

In addition to the merits of this software for your business, it also helps us by integrating perfectly with our SaaS accounting tools (QuickBooks, Pennylane) by synchronizing invoices, purchase orders, products, inventory, customers and suppliers.

This saves time for all parties and increases the fluidity and readability of your stocks.

The solution

erplain is the expert in stock management solutions, it allows to :

- Carry out advanced commercial management (quotation > purchase order > delivery order) all automatically and the stock is managed accordingly, without any human intervention required (if the application has been properly configured).

- Product kitting if your products are housed in erplain's warehouses, their expertise allows them to kitting products into a package to be sent to your customers to maximise the average basket and boost your business.

- Multi-location inventory management (Monitor, sell and forecast from multiple locations).

- Create specific terms and conditions and price lists to help your customer find their way around your products and service bundles.

- Track your products by automatically assigning serial numbers and facilitate your supply chain management and product recalls (we hope this doesn't happen to you).

- It is also a cash register software with the erplain POS application hosted in the cloud.

Automating your orders and sales has never been easier.

Certified Public Accountant erplain

erplain limits possible errors in data transmission to the accounting department by integrating with its partners as well as QuickBooks and our other accounting software.

This application speeds up bookkeeping so that your accounting firm can deliver reports on time to be ahead of your competitors.

The programming of this application requires business and accounting experts, the perfect match between you and us!

erplain gives your stocks a head start and with us, your business agility.

Contact us to find out how we can help our customers boost profitability and growth!

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With Blendy, digital CPA, take advantage of all the benefits of digital accounting to speed up your finance process and grow your business.

Certified partner Pennylane, Dext, QuickBooks and Stripe.

We support digital companies, e-Commerce, ESN, SaaS, in France and internationally.

Chartered accountant (France) and Chartered Professional Accountant (Canada)

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