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What is a Dext CPA in 2022?

April 11, 2022

The best know it, Dext is a must, powerful OCR, ultra-simple invoice management, very fluid UX, very intuitive UI, the best for invoice management.

Dext is the friend of accountants, companies and managers.

Dext is the friend of the accountants, it allows us to offer our clients a simple and efficient way to transfer their invoices directly online so that we can process them and integrate them into their accounting. Then the integrated OCR, reviews the invoices and brings out the numbers, dates and suppliers.

Despite the fact that we still have to go through and check each invoice, Dext saves us a lot of time.


Dext is also the friend of companies, because we know that finding lost invoices is extremely counterproductive, they have made available to companies, 3 ways to transfer invoices:


1. Connect in API : you put your passwords and identifiers and the invoices are automatically downloaded in Dext, you don't have to do anything. Works pretty well but beware of skipping connections.

2. Dedicated e-mail address, every time you receive an invoice you transfer it to this e-mail address and the invoice is automatically integrated into Dext. You can also change the e-mail address to which you receive your invoices and add the Dext e-mail address, which also works very well and is very practical.

3. Integrate the invoices yourself with a file upload area.


Finally, Dext is also the friend of the manager, the one who doesn't have the time to give his invoices, with its mobile application, Dext allows to scan his paper invoices (including expense reports, restaurant tickets...) and to integrate them directly into the accounting system, saving time for everyone.


Blendy was the first accounting firm to work with Dext (formerly Receipt Bank) when they arrived in France and if we continue to work with them today we can assure you that their solution is indispensable to the accounting profession in 2022.

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