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Deliver your invoices without leaving your office thanks to Digiposte

Digiposte, invoice management made easy

May 31, 2022

Digiposte is a secure "vault" invoice retrieval solution optimised for retrieval by your digital accountant.

The problems

Every month you have to collect all your purchase invoices and send them to your accountant. Unfortunately, it is difficult not to forget any!

Between bills received by mail and misplaced, late bills, the supplier who forgets to send you his bill, bills to be retrieved from the different suppliers' websites...

All these malfunctions do not allow you to optimally manage the process of collecting your invoices.

The solution

With Digiposte, you no longer have to worry about retrieving your documents!

Digiposte is an application created by La Poste, accessible to professionals and individuals, which helps you centralize and store your invoices.

Once your personal space has been created and set up, Digiposte automatically retrieves your invoices from your electricity, telephone, e-commerce, VTC transport, tolls, post office and internet hosting suppliers.

But not only that!

Digiposte also recovers your important documents, so you won't have to send your bank statements every month to your digital accountant.

You can also retrieve your contribution statements for farmers: RSI, Urssaf, Cipav, Réunica, B2V...

And thanks to a personalised download link, your Blendy accountant can directly retrieve the elements he or she needs.

You will have more time to focus on your strategy and we will have more time to support your success.

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