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Blendy recommends connecting GoCarless and Pennylane for zen accounting

Connect GoCardless to Pennylane for zen-like cash management

March 27, 2023

Manage your cash flow efficiently and without stress by connecting GoCardless to Pennylane with the help of Blendy

Cash flow is a crucial element in the management of any business. This is why Blendyan accounting firm for digital companies, offers its clients to connect GoCardless à Pennylane to optimize their cash management.

2 powerful finance apps

Pennylane is a very complete accounting software that allows companies to manage their accounting and finance processes through a single tool. It is one of the finance solutions that we prefer at Blendy, digital accountant. Indeed, in addition to being complete, Pennylane allows to connect many business apps, including GoCardless.

GoCardless is an online payment solution that makes it easy to set up direct debit payments, whether for one-time or recurring payments. This allows companies to save time and reduce errors when collecting their customer invoices.

Connected together through Blendy

Blendy, a digital accountant, helps its clients to connect GoCardless to Pennylane and thus automate their finance process between cash receipts and real-time updates of their accounting. The objective is to better anticipate their cash flow and make informed decisions for their future growth.

By connecting these two apps, with the support of Blendy expert accountant GoCardless and Pennylanecompanies finally have an integrated solution for managing their customer invoices.

With GoCardless, overdue invoices are automatically deducted, avoiding multiple reminders and reducing payment delays. And Pennylane will then automatically reconcile the payment with the customer's invoice. Managers and finance teams can monitor the status of their customer invoices in real time, gaining immediate visibility into their cash flow.

By connecting GoCardless to Pennylane, Blendy also offers another important benefit to their clients: the automatic generation of accounting entries based on the nature of the transactions. Everything is automatically recorded in Pennylane, which allows the Blendy team to manage accounting tasks for their clients more efficiently, and drastically reduce potential errors.

To regain control of your cash flow

Thus, by connecting and synchronizing these two apps with the help of Blendy expert accountant Pennylane and Gocardless, companies benefit from a truly optimized financial process. They have an automated and efficient way to better manage their payments and monitor the status of their customer invoices. With this intelligent connection, managers save precious time and can focus on the development of their business while relying on up-to-date accounting and KPIs that comply with current regulations.

So don't wait any longer! Ask Blendy, digital accountant, to help you optimize your cash flow by connecting GoCardless to Pennylane!

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