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Boost your subscription sales with Pennylane and Chargebee

January 25, 2023

With the increasing expansion of SaaS, online platforms and eCommerce businesses, effective financial management has become more critical than ever.

Applications such as Pennylane and Chargebee are the perfect answer to these challenges and help these companies manage and streamline their financial processes.

Pennylane is a complete and easy-to-use financial and accounting management tool that allows you to automate 100% of your financial processes. The application includes tools for managing purchases, sales and cash flow. Pennylane also offers an integrated payment service to connect digital accounting to the financial flows recorded by your payment applications, such as Stripe, GoCardless or PayPal.

The Chargebee application automates recurring billing processes and facilitates subscription management. Primarily designed for SaaS and eCommerce companies, Chargebee also provides a centralized view of all transactions, allowing companies to focus on growth and development. One of Chargebee 's interesting features is the intelligent recovery of declined payments through automated retries and dunning.

So why connect Pennylane and Chargebee?

By connecting Chargebee à Pennylanedigital SMEs and companies offering online subscriptions in particular can benefit from a number of advantages.

1- Synchronization of invoices

For small business managers and their accounting teams, connecting Chargebee and Pennylane allows them to retrieve all invoices and subscriptions issued on Chargebee directly in Pennylane. You no longer have to worry about importing and retrieving data. Everything is done automatically.

2- Client synchronization

When a new customer is registered on Chargebee, it will automatically be created on Pennylane, without creating a duplicate thanks to the recovery of your data history. Here again, you save precious time and limit the risk of data entry errors.

3- Synchronization of payments

If you have connected payment applications such as Stripe, GoCardless or PayPal to Chargebee and/or Pennylaneall your transaction flows will be reflected directly in your Pennylane accounting. This also allows you to automate the bank reconciliation between your customer invoices and your cash receipts. This allows you to follow and anticipate the evolution of your cash flow in a reliable and efficient way.

As you can see, connecting Chargebee to Pennylane allows digital, SaaS and e-Commerce SMBs to streamline their financial processes, save time on invoice management and gain visibility on their cash flow. This allows them to focus on their growth and development.

To help you connect these two applications and your other business applications to your finance process, the Blendy teams are there for you. We have a perfect command of financial and business applications to accelerate and streamline your financial flows. And once in place, Blendy 's digital accountants will provide you with the support of a team dedicated to your growth, our Success Coaches, to identify and monitor the KPIs that will make your business a success !

Boost growth and consolidate the profitability of your business today!

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