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Blendy and erplain boost inventory management

Boost your stock management with erplain and QuickBooks

July 5, 2021

To optimise the profitability of your online shop and/or physical shop, or as a wholesaler or distributor, in addition to customer management, it is also essential to control your stocks and supplies.

That's why, in order to make life easier for digital companies and their managers to be more efficient on a daily basis, QuickBooks now allows you to connect to erplain.

Dedicated to small and medium-sized businesses (B2B and B2C), erplain is an online inventory and sales management application. Simple and intuitive, it allows you to track your inventory in real time, automate your purchases, and manage your quotes and invoices. All synchronized with QuickBooks.

Optimise your stocks in real time

With erplainyou can easily manage all your stocks and products, regardless of your distribution channels or the number of warehouses.

  • Real-time visibility of your stock status, which takes into account all your current sales and purchases.
  • Editing ofinventories at any time.
  • Multi-warehousemanagement .
  • Detaileddefinition of your sales prices
  • Independent management of products sold in batches, packs or kits
  • Access to detailed reports (stock valuation, profitability reports, best-seller tracking, etc.)

Control your supplies

Easily manage your replenishments, purchases and all your suppliers, anywhere in the world.

  • Centralization of your suppliercontacts
  • Definition of replenishment thresholds and alerts to anticipate stock shortages
  • One-click conversion of your purchase orders into purchase orders
  • Multiple currencysupport
  • Traceability of your purchase orders with batch numbers and expiry dates
  • Simplified management of partial or staggered deliveries from your suppliers
  • Bar code scanning for fast entry of incoming products

Boost your sales

To reinforce your growth, optimally manage your sales prices, define product batches or assemblies, track your orders and shipments and much more....

  • Create purchase orders in seconds from a computer, tablet or smartphone.
  • Definition of price lists by customer or customer families
  • Creation of dedicated access for your sales teams
  • Direct shipments from your suppliers to your customers
  • Definition of pick lists and locations to speed up order processing in your warehouse
  • Easy processing of product returns, restocking and generation of refunds or credits

And the teams at Blendy, a certified QuickBooks digital accountant, will help you configure and synchronize all your information between QuickBooks and erplain, and ensure a quick and smooth implementation.

Thus, by combining erplain and QuickBooks , you automate and simplify the management of your stocks, you reduce the risks of error, you better manage your purchase and sale prices, you better anticipate possible stockshortages...

In short, you save time and efficiency and improve your customer satisfaction. All of which will boost your growth!

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