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easily cleared receivables with leanpay and Blendy

Blendy x LeanPay

March 31, 2022

Reduce your outstanding payments easily and effortlessly? Nothing could be simpler.

  • Reduce by 30% the average time taken to settle outstanding debts
  • 97.5% of payments are made during the internal dunning process
  • Divide by 4 the time spent by your teams to follow up your customers

This is what we offer you in collaboration with this new SaaS app.

In order to alleviate the growing problem of unpaid bills, we constantly monitor the market to find little nuggets for you. We only present those that we consider reliable and efficient enough to be useful in your daily life!

Today, we are highlighting the LeanPay solution. A real ally for financial teams, this collection software can be easily integrated with your accounting tools such as Quickbooks, Chargebee and Sellsy to optimise the monitoring of your customer receivables and your internal collection of unpaid bills.

In order to help companies in the best possible way, the tool is based on 4 features:

  • Creation and automation of personalised dunning plans
  • Real-time monitoring of trade receivables
  • The possibility for customers to pay their bills directly via an online payment portal
  • Multi-user access with rights management to help improve collaboration between teams

#1 Customer dunning plans

LeanPay offers its users the possibility of creating personalised customer reminder plans according to the type of customer to be reminded (size, sector of activity, etc.). These plans are based on the implementation of different levels of reminders that can be sent by various communication channels (e-mail, telephone and mail) and are 100% customisable and automatable.

#2 Follow-up of trade receivables

Thanks to the automatic integration of your accounting data into LeanPay, the interface is always up-to-date.

The tool's dashboard can be used to display all the key customer indicators: customer payment times, collection forecasts, ageing balance, outstanding customers, etc. 

#3 Online payment

LeanPay has a secure online payment interface that allows dunning customers to pay their overdue invoices by bank transfer or credit card.

To facilitate this step, it is possible for the customer to pay his invoices directly from the reminder e-mail he receives thanks to the "pay my invoices" button. 

#4 Collaborative management

Different teams can have access to different views through efficient role management and unlimited users. A history and notification system allows everyone to track actions and comments that may have been left about a customer or transaction to improve collaboration and speed up payments.

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