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November 22, 2022

Are you the manager of a digital start-up, an ESN or an e-Commerce company? Your company has taken off and you want to move to the next level?

Sustaining your growth

You started your company several years ago and today you have a turnover of more than 7 figures. Your ambition is to grow your business even more, of course.

As you know, when a company reaches a certain level of activity, it is not always easy to make the right decisions to move on to the next stage of development and sustain its business.

Should you invest in your production tool, hire new talent, buy out a competitor or prepare a fund raising, or all at once?

How can you ensure the sustainability of your personal assets and prepare for your financial retirement at the same time?

In short, the stakes are numerous, and the solutions multiple...

Accompany your growth until retirement and beyond

In these strategic moments, both for the company and for its manager, it is important to be accompanied by an expert in the financial management of the company.

Blendy, a digital accountant, works alongside you like an outsourced financial director, a real arm in your growth.

We generally intervene at three levels:

  • Structuring of the management control, in order to draw actionable analyses and relevant recommendations
  • Structuring data to improve the management of the company, via the implementation and deployment of an ERP such as QuickBooks or PennyLane for example
  • Reorganization of supplier purchasing, accounting, cash management, and general services

We will first analyze your internal organization , your financial processes in place and examine the profitability of your projects. This will also be the time to review the performance indicators you need to follow.

Beyond the WCR for example, it is important to identify precisely the performance and financial indicators (KPI) relevant to you. These will allow us to monitor the achievement of your objectives over time.

You will also have to analyze what elements and figures your KPIs are based on and how to easily retrieve this data to have a better and faster visibility on your development opportunities.

Our dual financial and operational skills, particularly in the implementation of business applications and decision support, allow us to assist you in defining and deploying a precise action plan.

Our objective will always be to secure the development and transformation of your company and to ensure the management of its growth.

So, if you want to grow your business to more than 8 figures, contact our Success Coaches for a first exchange and feedback on your development projects.

Want to know more about our services, our support and our favorite apps? Ask us all your questions!

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