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December 10, 2020

Like many companies or startups, you have made two excellent choices to structure yourself internally: Payfit and QuickBooks.

Like many companies or start-ups, you have made two excellent choices to structure yourself internally: Payfit and QuickBooks.

  • With Payfityou automate part of your HR function and digitalise the management of your pay slips and salary payments.
  • QuickBooks allows you to digitise your company's finance function by moving your administration online.

Using these two solutions, you can save time in managing your administrative tasks, have a better visibility of your resources and figures and, in fine, better manage your company. In short, more growth!

And the use of both applications can be maximised, if your accountant knows how to make the most of them.

Thus, Blendy by Cogesten (BbyC) knows perfectly well the processes to make the most of your two applications. We subscribe and set up an "Expert-Accountant" access in both software. Then, we take care of updating your QBO (QuickBooks Online) and recover without your intervention in Payfit :

  • your pay slips
  • your salary DO which we will import into QBO
  • your annual information for the framing of the social cycle

And we go even further in the services we offer around the Payfit solution. Indeed, the great lack of this type of solution can sometimes be felt at the level of support. For example, in the event of an URSSAF inspection. This is why we offer our clients the possibility of supplementing the Payfit offer with this type of value-added service.

To find out more about our support services around Payfit and QuickBooks, book an e-RdV with the co-founder of BbyC now.

Payfit + QuickBooks + BbyC = time saved to do what you love.

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