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Our process

Our starting point is you

Because we love our customers and are involved in their success, we lay the foundations for a successful collaboration from the very first moment we meet.

At Blendy, a digital accountant , we have set up a transparent process. This is the starting point to activate the digital transformation of your accounting and consolidate the growth of your business.

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Get to know our team and discuss your goals.

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Visio Discovery

Share your goals and ambitions

Discuss your current challenges, your expectations in terms of services and support, your growth ambitions, and find out how we are structured to help you.

Visio tools & Process


Then interact with our Client Onboarding Manager to review the software and business applications you use to manage your finance process (such as Pennylane, QuickBooks, or Dext for example).

This will also be an opportunity to ask additional questions about the team, our applications, and the roles and responsibilities you would like us to take on.

Visio Fees


We then present a strategic action plan with collaboration options, along with packages, the scope of each option, and how it meets your goals.

We'll go into detail to make sure they cover all of your important issues and to choose the one that's right for you.

We'll also review timelines, your team , and next steps.

Success is in sight

growth objective

Throughout our collaboration, we train you on your new applications and work together to develop a successful finance process.

And to achieve your growth ambitions, our Success Coaches will accompany you at every stage of development that is essential for you and your company.

We systematically adapt our fees to the specificities of each client.

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and ensure the success of your ambitions!

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Top notch services!

We believe that having the right accounting and more generally financial system in place does more than just make your Balance Sheet faster.

As a Pennylane, QuickBooks, Dext and Libeo certifieddigital accountant, we pay particular attention to business and financial applications.

We provide value-added services andaccounting excellence to support the success of digital businesses.

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