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Is your company already generating sales in excess of €500K?
We'll take you even further!

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Our accounting and financial management services will be of real benefit to you if your company generates more than €500K in sales (or has been in business for more than two years) and is already using business applications to develop its business.

Our team and our perfect mastery of accounting and financial applications (such as Pennylane, QuickBooks, Dext, Libeo, GoCardless, Qonto, Stripe... and many more) are an essential asset for automating your time-consuming tasks and generating real added value for your company.
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Blendy's value-added services

Digital accounting

‍Digital bookkeeping

Bank reconciliation

‍Creation of accounting documents directly online and viewable in real time

Transmission of your accounting documents to the Administration

Corporate taxation

Annual declarations

Monthly or quarterly VAT return

Structuring of the company

‍Restitution of financial indicators and validation of accounts with you in a digital meeting

Social & Payroll

Payroll management

Nominative Social Declarations

Recruitment support

Dismissal, contractual termination

URSSAF control

Election of employee representatives

Taxation of executives

Incometax return

Dividend/Salary Structuring

Structuring TNS/Employees

Departure from France / Arrival in France


Accounts payable

Preparing payments

Optimize cash flow with controlled payment campaigns

Exchange rate optimization

Outsourced CFO Services

Cash flow forecast

Budget & Financing

Gap analysis and KPIs (performance, cashflow, etc.)

Reporting and presentation to board of directors / investors / etc.

Metaverse Accounting

Accounting for cryptocurrency transactions

Bookkeeping, declarations

Blendy expert-comptable digital, international support


‍Implantationin France

Tax, accounting and social security structuring , opening bank accounts, setting up reporting, mapping sheet.

Establishment abroad

Contact with a local partner, tax, accounting and social structuring, design of reporting and management processes (financial, accounting...), financing.

"Inthe business world, the most successful people are those who do what they love."
Warren Buffet

Our difference

digital and apps addict, certified Pennylane and QuickBooks, Dext, Stripe

dedicated to digital startups and SMEs , eCommerce, SAAS, ESN

trained on the latest tech available in France and in the world

expert in online sales flows and their interconnection with your accounting

expert on applications to automate your finance process

bilingual French-English and open to the international scene

Collaborate with Blendy, your digital accountant to propel your business growth to the top!

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