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The success of our customers is at the heart of our approach

I found at Blendy what I had been looking for for years: an industrialised management process.
Accounting documents are submitted online on an ongoing basis and our accounting and financial data is up to date and accessible at any time in Pennylane. Blendy offers us the right balance between the efficiency of automation and professional advice.

Jubyl is a collective of B2B sales and digital experts.

Together, they accelerate the commercial development of SMEs and ETIs, by fully exploiting the potential of the Internet and related technologies.

Jubyl - Blendy client your digital accountant

Blendy, your digital accounting firm for digital companies.

Certified Partner Pennylane, QuickBooks, Dext and Stripe.

We are the pioneers of online accounting in France and accompany more than 200 companies in their digital accounting transition.

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