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The success of our customers is at the heart of our approach

We are at Blendy for 3 years now, and Crisp is experiencing a very strong growth that they know how to support.
Blendy makes the difference with other accounting firms Blendy offers a range of services that are different from other accounting firms: online invoice management, quick responses to requests for advice, and easy monthly reporting of sales. It is also a service that best understands digital companies like ours.
Blendy is perfect for us, we save valuable time which we can dedicate to improving our product.

Crisp is a multi-channel messaging platform that connects businesses with their customers.

A solution that automates customer relations on its website through chat and collaboration tools.

Crisp - Blendy client your digital accountant

Blendy, your digital accounting firm for digital companies.

Certified Partner Pennylane, QuickBooks, Dext and Stripe.

We are the pioneers of online accounting in France and accompany more than 200 companies in their digital accounting transition.

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