Silvr bank card and dashboard, the non-dilutive express financing system
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Silvr, the app that finds funds in 48 hours

Silvr is a business financing solution based on the future sales of your business. The app identifies non-dilutive capital funds that you will repay over time. Simple, reliable and fast solution.

Blendy by Cogesten, digital chartered accountant, support digital companies and finance teams in their digital accounting transition.

Certified Partner Pennylane, Quickbooks, Dext & Stripe, we are pioneers of digital accounting in France.

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Silvr, the app that finds funds in 48 hours, easily integrated with Pennylane

Creating an invoice in Pennylane

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Why Blendy recommends synchronizing LeanPay with Pennylane

Limit overdue payments with LeanPay and Pennylane

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