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‍Pennylane, a French Tech startup, brings together accounting software for CPAs and a financial management tool for their clients, all on one platform.

Launched in 2020, Pennylane is already supporting thousands of business leaders. And to facilitate the integration with your business apps and your accounting and financial data, Blendy, a digital accountant, will accompany you.

Who is Pennylane for?

Pennylane is a 100% online solution that also includes a mobile application to manage your accounting and finances anytime and anywhere. It is mainly aimed at VSEs, SMEs, start-ups and eCommerce. The solution is also suitable for freelancers and associations.

Thanks to Pennylane , you have real-time access to all your company 's financial flows and make collaboration with your accountant easier.

The features that make the difference

The many automated data entry and retrieval processes offered by the Pennylane platform will simply make your life easier and guarantee considerable time savings for everyone.


With Pennylane you can easily manage all your invoicing. After setting up all your customers, products and services, you can create and send your quotes, invoices, credit notes and even recurring invoices by subscription in a few clicks. And, as a specialist in accounting apps, Blendy accompanies you on this crucial step of parameterization.

Automatic dunning and recurring invoice functions are also available to save you even more time on a daily basis.


Pennylane already integrates nearly 60 apps, and this number is still growing. Thanks to these integrations, your supplier invoices are centralized directly in Pennylane and are synchronized with your accounting and finance processes.

You can pay your suppliers in just a few clicks. And thanks to its reporting tools, Pennylane allows you to monitor the status of your payments in real time. You can even connect to your online bank, such as Qonto, to make bulk payments.

Here too, to help you synchronize all your apps with Pennylane, the teams of Blendy, digital accountant and app specialist, will accompany you. Once again, this will save you precious time and facilitate the automation and streamlining of your finance process.


Pennylane also allows you to synchronize your accounting and finance processes with your bank account. Your cash receipts and payments are automatically reflected in Pennylane. This allows you to follow in real time your cash flows to better control and anticipate the financial situation of your company.


To facilitate the management of your teams' expense reports, Pennylane also offers a professional bank card. Each time you make a payment with this card, simply scan the receipt with the Pennylane mobile application to synchronize everything with your accounting data.

A solution with multiple benefits

For executives and finance teams:

By providing a centralized view of your accounting and finance processes, you save valuable time to stay focused on your business, make better decisions and simplify your daily management.


Thanks to the many intelligent automations of Pennylane, the app allows your accountant such as Blendy, to retrieve directly in the tool pre-written accounting entries and also the VAT returns and tax returns. This facilitates the revision and control of operations. The Blendy digital accountant teams can thus fully devote themselves to their role as advisors to help you make strategic decisions.

How do I migrate to Pennylane?

Are you using another accounting package? Maybe you're still using QuickBooks...?

Just ask Blendy ! As a Pennylane-certified digital chartered accountant, we have a thorough understanding of all the steps and aspects involved in a smooth migration to Pennylane.

You will be surprised by all the possibilities that Pennylane offers to help your business grow!

Blendy by Cogesten, digital chartered accountant, support digital companies and finance teams in their digital accounting transition.

Certified Partner Pennylane, Quickbooks, Dext & Stripe, we are pioneers of digital accounting in France.

Contact our teams to find out which apps will accelerate your growth and success!

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