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Pandadoc facilitates document development and connects to Pennylane!

Do you spend hours creating commercial documents, quotes, contracts, forms using Word, Excel or email files?

Finally, switch to automation tools to make these documents faster and save time.

PandaDocintelligent solution

Until now, you had to print, sign, scan and email your documents. With PandaDoc your documents are transmitted online and the recipients only have to e-sign them. All parties involved are informed in real time of changes to the document and a certificate authenticates the signatures (email/IP address).

In addition, the templates you have previously created are automatically completed thanks to the integration with your CRM and other tools, such as Hubspot, Copper, etc. The information to be personalized (name, first names, price, etc.) is imported directly into Pandadoc.

No more typos from copying and pasting old documents!

You can also insert images, videos, download windows and calculation tables with one click. The designation of signatories for each field ensures that no error is made by the recipients of the document.

In addition, combined with Pennylane your workflows are automated and a few clicks are enough to generate documents, proposals or other documents. Your customers will be impressed and your sales will be boosted.

Blendy by Cogesten's teams will help you choose the right package and connect Pandadoc and Pennylane !

Blendy, digital accountant, offers solutions to automate your financial processes and accelerate your development.

Blendy by Cogesten, digital chartered accountant, support digital companies and finance teams in their digital accounting transition.

Certified Partner Pennylane, Quickbooks, Dext & Stripe, we are pioneers of digital accounting in France.

Contact our teams to find out which apps will accelerate your growth and success!

Pandadoc, Blendy's partner application for your success

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