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Frequently asked questions

Blendy by Cogesten, digital accountant

How big is your team?

We have nearly 150 employees within the Cogesten group and 15 employees within the digital division Blendy.

Blendy is a digital accounting firm for startups, eCommerce and all digital companies, ‍understandingthe importance of an up-to-date accounting, to perform in the management of their competitiveness on a daily basis.

This means that we have enoughexperts in our team to effectively support your growth and success projects.

Why work with Blendy?

We have theexperience to solve complex operational, tax and accounting problems, and we love to help and share our knowledge with entrepreneurs and leaders of digital businesses.

We put ourselves in your shoes and serve you as we would like to be served. That means smooth communication, quick responses , and a quality work.

We are typically the accounting firm that companies turn to when they need a value-added support because they have grown too quickly or the challenges they face have become too complex for their usual contacts.

What is your area of intervention?

We have clients customers throughout France, including Paris, Nice, Marseille, Lyon, Lille, Toulouse, and Canada.

Because we are a digital accounting firm, we can do your accounting and manage your entire financial process, no matter where you are in the world, as long as you have a French subsidiary or headquarters.

My company is 100% paper based for its accounting, can you help me?

We have a proven process of onboarding process for our new clients. This allows us to take stock of your existing tools and identify which tools can complement or replace yours.

Our team team then assists you in setting up, connecting and configuring the various digital tools and applications to make your accounting and financial processes even more efficient.

What applications do you use?

Our certified applications

We are a certified partner for most of the applications we use, such as Pennylane, Quickbooks, Dext, GoCardless, Payfit, StripeQonto, Libéo...

We test the application. We train on it. And we invest time and resources to be certified. For our customers, it's the guarantee to benefit from a state-of-the-art expertise!

We are among the pioneers!

To be a pioneer in the digitalization of accounting is to be Indiana Jones in the jungle of applications. Some are easy to digest and even rather useful, others are really indigestible... All our work consists of testing and clearing the ecosystem of applications related to accounting and FinTech.

And this approach has been successful. Five of the applications we identified and of which we were the first French users, are now essential in the accounting ecosystem in France.

These applications are : Pennylane, QuickBooks, Libeo, Dext and GoCardless

Specially selected applications

Each application application we select is dedicated to one or more businesses. It is only offered to our customers if it makes sense for their business.

We have no commercial agreement with any application. If we offer them to you, it's because they have a strong development potential for your company!

Our expertise in business applications allows us to greatly increase the ROI of your digital accounting and to streamline your internal financial processes.

The Made in Blendysupport

Support with a Digital Accountant

A chartered accountant must be available and reachable for his clients.

Because of our Digital DNAWe obviously prefer digital meetings. And we make it a point of honor to multiply the possibilities of contact so that you can reach us as easily as possible.

In addition, your Success Coach meets with you every month to discuss your accounts, your financial indicators and your development challenges.

And we are always available by email and phone.

How soon will I be contacted?

Is this your first time contacting us? We process your requests received via our contact form within a maximum of 48 hours. For a live exchange with our co-founder, you can also  Book a Call in his online agenda.

With our customers, we are in contact with them by email, video and other digital applications. The processing time of their requests can obviously vary depending on the nature of the request and the parties involved.

How is your medium really different?

Theexperience of years of customer requests, combined with the skills and knowledge of our employeesand the knowledge of our staff, each more specialized than the last.

All this allows us to provide operational support for all the applications we offer, as well as for the thousands of accounting, tax, social or legal questions you may have!

And the best part? We have created procedures for all types of situations. This guarantees you speed and efficiency in the operational processing of your requests. And this starts from our first exchanges with aonbording client process for

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