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Blendy, digital 3.0 accountant specialising in digital companies

Tomorrow starts today

The future of your growth lies in the future of tech

Metaverse, blockchain, AI, cryptocurrencies, NFT... many innovations that are already impacting your business and that are for many of our clients already at the heart of their business. And we are here to accompany you in this transition and in all your accounting and financial procedures.

Preserving our planet and the environment

Because we are committed to leaving our children a livable earth, all our processes are optimized in this sense.

Thus, by working with Blendy, digital accountant, our clients participate in a decarbonized world.

Blockchain, NFTs,
Cryptocurrencies, Metaverse

A NFT rocket

Accounting and estimating the tax impacts of smartcontracts, crypto-purchases, crypto-sales or NFTs has become a major issue for you.

We master all the processes related to these technologies and innovations.

Account for your activities on the digital "moon

At Blendy we are already looking at the tax and accounting implications of these activities.

This component may seem far away, but extra-planetary trade is already a reality.

We are ahead of our time. Just like our clients, we must ensure that our services meet their ambitions.

Contact us to find out how we can help you take advantage of the innovations that will make you successful tomorrow!

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